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Cute, adorable, big eyed and vulnerable to scary threatening.

Just wanna leave these here for comparison because the difference is alarming! Also, first two are directed at big brother’s behaviour IN FRONT OF their father, last two is in response to big brother’s actions when they’re on their own and he realises Cal’s probably fucked them beyond repair.

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The Fear - Matty Beckett - Episode 1 - Part 2

Matty + Phone = 

YES…Yes, I do. My fetish? Harry Lloyd’s NECK. I want to LICK IT. :D

For me it’s the in-command phone answering, oh and sleeves rolled up to just before the elbow.

I see the neck thing a lot with HL and I think I’m starting to understand why. I’ll keep that in mind for future gifs, any particularly risqué neck scenes I’ll keep my eye out for you!

Scenes to Gif…

Any ‘The Fear’ Matty scenes you guys want me to gif, specifically, drop me an ask. I’ll still be doing episode by episode ones but if you want more detailed scenes let me know.

You guys seem to be enjoying them so this’ my ‘thank you’ for the notes and reblogs, it’s always nice to feel appreciated, lol.


Tom Hiddleston as the other Holmes brother - variation 2

Back to Sherlock and Hiddleston in the one gif-set so my regulars don’t think I’ve lost it altogether.

Oh yeah, and my head cannon for the brother’s name is Alford, dunno why.

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Because I loved this scene SOOO much. As cute, cuddly and adorable as he’d been up until this point we see the ruthless, the sneering, the calculating and the coldly clinical approach to the problem.

It just made the character that much more interesting. His father and brother are salt of the earth ‘hardmen’ but he’s a tactician, not physically violent or aggressive but his father could no more kill the girl back in the day than Cal could deal with the decapitated girl in his bed. As ‘hard’ as they were (the Scottish Hardman vs the English Hardman was an interesting comparison, I think Scottish won the scary but both lost out seriously to Albanian Hardman) it came down to Ritchie’s wife in the end, the loving mother and the sensitive brother to deal with the truly hard stuff and that was genius!

I just frickin’ love this character, okay!!

Sorry for the break in Supernatural/Tom Hiddleston/FSOG and Twilight slagging this blog is usually made of and I’m sure those of you who don’t know who Harry Lloyd is are like wtf, he’s my new obsession, so attractive it actually hurts in my bones…sun and stars…anyway, he’s like Matt Smith, same hair, can totes act but is also really pretty (sorry Matt Smith fans, he’s sexy in the way Bambersnitch Cubbertache is sexy, just not  ’conventionally’ attractive).

So yeah, watched this mini-series called The Fear and if you can get past the two instances of gore and the one instance of off-screen but very obvious what’s happening male-on-male sexual assault (honestly, I couldn’t, I knew it was coming up and I had to fast-forward past it, if you decide to watch and want to avoid it as a trigger or just because you’re a nervous bag of empathy like me then message me and I’ll tell you when it happens so you can look for it) then it’s a great watch, very emotional. 

The Fear - Matty Beckett - Episode 1 - Part 2

Matty + Phone = 

Testing this 2mb thing before I start making gifs! Thought it was a good one to try!

Testing this 2mb thing before I start making gifs! Thought it was a good one to try!

Anonymous said: I agree with the anon who hated Ruby I much preferred the first Ruby. 2.0 really annoyed me and I thought the portrayal was really off


I think what it is is that the first Ruby kind of set the character and because they’re different actresses, their portrayals were different.

I think also there was a change in how the character was meant to go. I trusted Ruby 1 more than 2 and I don’t know if that’s down to Gen (or if they told her the arc they had planned) or not but I got the feeling she was playing them in a way the first Ruby wasn’t.

Also, the first Ruby had more tension with Dean I think than with Sam. We know now that they planned for Dean to be pulled by Heaven through Anna (which didn’t pan out cos…well, Cas was the more popular character and they can’t have two characters perform the same narrative function) and Sam pulled by hell through Ruby. That’s why the shift from the Dean/Ruby dynamic shifted to Sam/Ruby IMHO.

It’s like the whole Chuck God thing, how much did the writers know these things in advance and the actors as well to know how to play them. Did Laurel-Ruby (lol) know she was going to be bad a season after she left? Probably not. Did Gen-Ruby know early on either? No clue.

As promised, Matty Becket, The Fear, Episode 1 - Part One